• Technology has had a major impact on our society. Through state-of-the-art technologies and other telecommunications efforts, members and their communities are afforded the means of exposure to and utilization of various technologies. E-learning days, computer communication systems, other voice, video, and data transmission, customized training, Internet access, and network services are available.

    FED's Technology Department provides the following services to districts as requested on an annual basis:

    • Annual Maintenance and Support of Bandwidth
    • Part-time Technician Services
    • Coordination and Support for the Rural Utilities Services Grant, which was a jointly planned and designed purchase of a shared wide area network (WAN) to provide data, voice and video services as well as shared maintenance and system upgrades, collaborated with Astera Health.
    • Internet Access

    Contact Information:
    Rich Murdock
    218-631-3505 Extension 6043
    Email the Helpdesk